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Secretlab is one of the latest entrants into the gaming chair industry, yet they have made their debut attractive by being one of the top players in the gaming chair space. They started their operations in 2014 and are founded by two competitive gamers. These gamers were experiencing back and wrists pain due to long hours of gaming, and that’s why they thought that gaming chairs would help them cope with this but were not satisfied with the results. Hence, they came up with an idea to make gaming chairs that would provide maximum comfort within a reasonable price. Therefore Secretlab coming into existence. That’s why in today’s guide, we would cover some of the most amazing Secretlab gaming chairs that you should lay your hands on. 

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series PRIME 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair – Cyberpunk 2077

Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Series PRIME 2.0 PU Leather Gaming Chair - Cyberpunk 2077

Material is durable.Inbuilt lumbar support is lacking. 
Extremely comfortable.Doesn’t come with a back cushion.
It can be adjusted.
Solid construction.
Class 4 Hydraulics for better height adjustment

The company has recently joined its hands with the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 “CD Projekt RED” to create unique Cyberpunk 2077 edition gaming chairs. Secretlab already has a good reputation amongst its customers because of the excellent materials to design high-quality gaming chairs for its users. 

Also, this chair isn’t any different from the previous gaming chairs. However, it has exquisite looking design components that would help you dive deeper into the fantastic Cyberpunk world. The chair is made to be aggressive. Apart from the looks, the build and material both are top-notch. The company’s multi-tilt mechanism makes it easier to adapt to your body structure and movements.

Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Series Softweave Fabric Gaming Chair - Black³
Several options for adjustability. The backrest lever has been reported to get jammed frequently. 
Stylish design. Armrests are made of hard material.
Comfortable for both- Work and Play.
The armrests have four adjust options.
Spill-resistant material has been used.

The Secretlab Omega is one of the best gaming chairs made, especially for the gamers who usually spend a lot of their time playing games. It would make the user comfortable to sit on it for long hours, and after a long day of playing games, the recline level of this chair would help you relax in front of your TV to binge-watch your favorite shows. 


The height settings, 4D armrests, rock back features make this game chair a versatile gaming chair option. It comes with a lumbar cushion and memory foam attached headrest, which will be additional brownie points for the comfort it will provide you. It comes with two pillows, one for the lumbar support and the other one for your head. When designing the pillows, Secretlab has used cooling gel to keep their users cool and dissipate heat during their long gaming hours. 

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series World of Warcraft Gaming Chair - Alliance
Extra-large seat for people with long height.It has limited height adjustment options.
Adjustable lumbar support.
Spill-resistant material.

Most gaming chairs try to market themselves by being luxuriously upholstered with leather. Whereas it may cause heat dissipation issues for some, and Secretlab has identified this issue with the traditional gaming chairs. That’s why the fabric is the way to go, as per Secretlab. It has used SoftWeave fabric on the exterior and extremely plus padding in the interior, making it one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the whole gaming chair space. Secretlab Titan has a larger seat, with molding and lumbar support, which makes it unique as there are very few gaming chairs with all these features. 

Final Words 

Although Secretlab has been in the gaming chair industry since 2014, we can surely tell you that it has established itself as a strong player in this industry. At the same time, they were making their brand name and reputation. The features they introduce with their every new series are top-notch while addressing serious gamers’ issues better than those present in the industry. The quality and affordability are the best in class. While all this is making Secretlab our favorite gaming chair brand in 2020.

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