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Best Overall Gaming Chair
Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 SoftWeave® Plus
Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 SoftWeave® Plus
  • 5-year extended warranty
  • Full-length backrest recline
  • Full-metal 4D armrests
  • Integrated, adjustable lumbar support and memory foam pillow with cooling gel
  • Available in various sizes and editions
Best Gaming Chair Under ₱10,000
Cougar Armor One Eva
Cougar Armor One Eva
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable mid-range option
  • Breathable PVC leather
  • Adjustable height and armrests with 180º reclining
  • Includes head and lumbar pillow for maximum comfort
Best Gaming Chair Under ₱5,000
Panther Gaming Chair - Panther Nightfall Series
Panther Gaming Chair - Panther Nightfall Series
  • 1-year warranty
  • Best budget gaming chair option
  • Made with synthetic leather
  • Adjustable height and 140º reclining
  • With head and lumbar pillows for comfort

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The days are just a history when gamers go through a lot of extreme back pain, fatigue from sitting on regular office chairs during their long gaming sessions. While solving all these issues, we have noticed a massive increase in the popularity of gaming chairs. These chairs are ergonomically designed to help gamers enjoy their games all day while providing top-notch comfort.

Thanks to their innovative features and striking looks, unique design, and looks, many gamers have started to invest their money into these chairs. Sometimes they even tend to spend more on these chairs than games. Compared to the traditional office chairs, these chairs are more expensive but let’s deep dive into whether gaming chairs are worth it or not?

Some people who haven’t tried gaming chairs and have spent their life playing games on office chairs may debate that gaming chairs are overpriced, and there is no quite evident difference between an office chair and a gaming chair.

The honest answer is that people who have used these chairs will tell you precisely the opposite of this as there might be a fair amount of investment involved sometimes. Still, gamers don’t mind spending money on gaming chairs because it is evident of the value they provide.

Many people might have a question in their mind regarding are gaming chairs good for their back or not? We have the answer that is undoubtedly going to help you answer this question.

People who have experienced gaming chairs might have noticed that the gaming chairs are ergonomically designed, which can surely improve your back posture. As it eliminates the force that lousy posture has on your spine. There are different adjustments available for your back support. The lumbar pillow gives comfort to the lumbar section of your spine.

It is true that you indeed need to invest a lot of money into a gaming chair, but there are some things you should look into when buying a gaming chair.


The first and foremost thing that comes into our mind is the price you need to invest when purchasing a gaming chair. It won’t indeed matter much for the people who have big pockets. However, it is always better to invest in a chair that perfectly fits your budget rather than spending more on gaming chairs because more expensive chairs don’t usually mean that they are better.

There are more affordable options available in the market which provide quite good results. It just needs a little research, and be sure to go through reviews online before buying. 


The seat is the second most crucial element to ensure a relaxed and comfortable experience during long gaming sessions. Sitting in one position can hinder blood circulation to your legs. That’s why most gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to provide blood circulation to your legs.

Apart from these, several issues can be caused due to prolonged durations. Some can be regarded as spine problems, improper posture, neck sprain, and the list go on.


A chair that can provide excellent support to the spine is undoubtedly a fantastic option that can benefit your health. This could come with lumbar support too. Most gaming chairs come with removable or adjustable parts such as lumbar pillows, armrests, headrests that will support your lumbar, spine, head, and your arms.


Most gaming chairs are made with high-density foam that can offer superior support to the back. Some manufacturers like Secretlab have come up with memory foam and foam with a cooling gel to provide you extra comfort while enjoying your long gaming sessions. This would also help you relax your muscles while giving additional support and firmness.

Your Height and Weight.

Your height and weight are the main determining factors. Certain gaming chairs won’t work for your body type. A lot of gamers are usually disappointed because they don’t fit with their body type. Manufacturers produce different series of gaming chairs according to different body types.

It is always better to check your height and weight requirements of the gaming chair you want or like because the things that look good to you might not be the best ones for you.

Many gaming chairs are made by the same manufacturer but are rebranded by different companies.

When surfing through the web for gaming chairs, you might come across many similar designed chairs from various companies. You can also call them knock-offs and can be seen mass-produced in China. Yes! This is the truth but not only knock-offs, but many companies have started to sell the same model of chairs. Just to save their budget on Research and Development, and this is called private labeling. So, essentially you can get the same type of chair but from a different company at a way low cost.


There isn’t any definitive answer to this question but rest assured, a gaming chair from a well-reputed brand will surely last more than 1 to 5 years and may even tend to last more than this if proper care is taken. Good companies also come with warranties, so they make sure that the chair can last as long as the manufacturer indeed claims it to last. While the knock offs and rip offs may not stay more than a year. In contrast, the more expensive chairs will last between 2 to 5 years. The manufacturer warranty, though, determines its lifespan.

Though the next part might even cause some problems here and there, if your gaming chair is branded, then there would be relatively less hassle to get it exchanged or changed. While in case you have a chair from a not so good brand, it might be quite frustrating to get it replaced or repaired.

The answer to this question is quite simple. The ultimate reason for this is that gaming chairs are always a better option for people playing video games because they are still better than office chairs in almost every aspect. It is undeniable that both gaming and office chairs are designed for long hours in front of a screen. But the feature that makes it a better option than an office chair is the adjustability. This would surely be of utmost importance for gamers because finding a comfortable position that allows you to comfortably, quickly, and accurately control your aim and in-game character for a more extended period is crucial, especially if you are a fan of FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Office chairs don’t have such features due to normal typing activities and don’t require such a level of responsiveness from the person working at the desk.

The other reason is the better cushioning, which makes it more comfortable. The only difference which makes it hard to decide gaming chairs over office chairs is the cost. However, if you are a real gamer, you won’t think of the extra money as an expense rather than an investment that will pay you off by providing more comfort.

The obvious answer is yes! There are several reasons to justify the answer, but I would like to share my personal view on this. Things were done in the past and are changing rapidly by becoming more vocal about their comfort needs.

Gaming chairs are designed in such a way that it would increase your physical wellness along with the comfort of sitting in front of your PC for long durations.

Though one may not need to be a gamer to enjoy the benefits of gaming the whole day, it can be an ideal option for anyone who needs to be seated for long durations. A gaming chair is an advanced version of a regular office chair with several beneficial gamers’ features, likewise for working the whole day.

There are several chairs available in the market. Simultaneously, gamers like PewDiePie, Shroud have a huge fan following, and we gaming enthusiasts are indeed interested in knowing what gaming chairs they prefer and use. So here we have covered some of the gamers like Pewdiepie.


Pewdiepie has a fantastic personality as a gamer, so he needs a gaming chair that suits his character, just impacting his gameplay. That’s why he chose this Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition chair from Clutch Chairz.


Shroud is one of the best players I have personally seen in an FPS (First Person Shooting) environment. So he surely needs a comfortable chair and also matches with his calm personality. That’s why he chose to go with Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Before that, he used Maxnomic 9 Pro Cloud 9 edition by Need4Seat.

Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect is one of the best entertainers of the gaming industry and is seen playing mostly every new game released. He surely needs a gaming chair that is as versatile as his playing style and accommodates his tall height. That’s why chose to go with the Maxnomic XL-Series Chair, which is comfortable for tall and versatile gamers like him.

Team Secret 

Team Secret is a professional esports organization with professional gamers and streamers from across the globe. They have recently partnered with Secretlab for gaming chairs. These unique Team Secret edition gaming chairs are based on Secretlab Omega 2018 and Secretlab Titan Models.

There are various options from where you can get your hands on your favorite gaming chair. We have listed most of them here:

Specialized Gaming Chair Online Stores 

Stores like our Gaming Chair are eCommerce stores that specialize in the selling of Gaming chairs. Stores like ours have Gaming Chairs from most of the reputed manufacturers in the industry. While catering to every kind of audience, we have a diversified collection of gaming chairs for every gamer type. We keep in mind the needs of our customers the most.

Brand Stores

Brand Stores means the stores or franchisee of the original manufacturers. They may have their online presence, kiosks, or their offline showrooms. The customer can merely walk-in, experience the comfort of that particular brand’s chairs, and choose his liking. The only drawback here is that the brand store only has a specific manufacturer’s collection, so you might not get a choice to make here.

eCommerce Stores

eCommerce stores like Amazon, Alibaba have a range of gaming chairs, and you can get your gaming chair from there. Tip: Just be sure that the gaming chair retailer is authentic, or there are several sellers on these sites that sell the rip-offs to make quick profits at the loss of their customer.

Furniture Stores

Most modern furniture stores online and offline have started to cater to the growing industry of gaming. Therefore, introducing a new category of gaming chairs to an ever-growing audience. They also have a range of gaming chairs to cater to their audience in their respecti